FloraTrex – A Superior Blend of 18 Probiotic Strains with Prebiotics

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What is FloraTrex™?

Also called good bacteria, or helpful bacteria, probiotics are living microorganisms that live in your digestive tract and support good digestive health.

FloraTrex™ is a probiotic and prebiotic supplement that helps populate your digestive tract with a mix of beneficial bacteria to support digestion and boost the immune system.

It’s great for daily or occasional use and perfect for individuals who need significantly more varied probiotic species to support intestinal health.

Many people consider a daily probiotic to be as essential to their health as a multi-vitamin and the research is clear — a healthy body begins with a healthy gut!

A Brief History of the Invention of FloraTrex™

Dr Group
Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND

“For years, I have used and recommended multiple probiotic formulas to enhance my own gut health and that of our customers. However, I always had to use two or three products. I was never able to find a complete, vegan-friendly probiotic formula that contained all the bacterial strains I wanted. This prompted a seven year journey to develop the most advanced, all-in-one, full-spectrum, digestive and intestinal health probiotic formula in the world. This breakthrough product would be produced using vegetarian and vegan friendly processes.”

“This wasn’t easy and it took years to create and source the perfect formula. One challenge was finding vegan cultured probiotics. The other challenge was to find a probiotic company that would agree to use our non-toxic, non-GMO certified organic gum acacia which in itself works as a prebiotic; a product innovation Global Healing Center was the first company to offer.”

“The world’s leading probiotic manufacturers were shocked at the cost of the comprehensive formula but, unlike other manufacturers whose only concern is low costs and high margins, Global Healing Center’s number one priority is quality. We produce the best products possible and we’re proud to say that with over 50 billion live and active cultures from 18 probiotic strains, FloraTrex™ is the most complete, full-spectrum live probiotic formula in the world.”

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP

The Top 5 Reasons You Need FloraTrex™

1. Digestive Support

Your digestive tract is a complex machine that converts nutrients into energy. Probiotics are friendly organisms that assist the digestive process and encourage nutrient absorption. FloraTrex™ is perfect for people with food sensitivities but even if you don’t suffer from digestive problems, supporting your digestive health is one of the most effective measures you can take to encourage your health.

2. Boosts the Immune System

Research has confirmed that 70%+ of your immune system resides in your gut. Supporting healthy intestinal epithelium lining integrity, which is the front line for the immune system, is essential for optimal health.

3. Promotes Internal Balance

Your gut is home to over 500 types of bacteria — some of them are good, some of them are bad. A daily probiotic supplement like FloraTrex™ promotes the growth of good bacteria to help balance out the bad. FloraTrex™ is one of the best, all natural solutions for replenishing your gut’s supply of good bacteria and keeping harmful organisms at bay.

4. Ultimate Blend of Probiotics and Prebiotics

FloraTrex™ is the most complete and advanced probiotic system available. No other probiotic can compete with its potency or CFU count. Each capsule contains 50 billion live active CFUs of 18 popular and rare strains of bacteria you won’t find anywhere else. FloraTrex™ also offers the added bonus of fulvic acid to supercharge bioavailability.

5. Best Quality, Best Handling

It’s important to invest in nutritional supplements produced by a responsible manufacturer and that’s doubly important when it comes to probiotics. Global Healing Center uses the highest quality manufacturing standards in the production of FloraTrex™ to ensure maximum potency.

Shocking Facts About Probiotics and the Gut

  • In addition to the stomach and intestines, probiotics also reside in the colon, mouth, esophagus, nasal cavity, and pockets surrounding the lungs.
  • Your body contains about 3.5 pounds of probiotic organisms! To compare, your brain weighs about 3 pounds and your heart about 0.7.
  • If the bacteria in your gut were laid end to end, it would go around the world 2.5 times.
  • There are over 1000 probiotic strains in your body but every person has their own unique makeup.
  • Probiotics help your body absorb many nutrients, including copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, and zinc.
  • The digestive system is often called the “second brain” or enteric nervous system because of the vagus nerve, which links the brain with the digestive system.
  • Your gut is home to over 100 million neurons and produces up to 90% of your serotonin and every type of brain neurotransmitter has been found in the gut.
  • One recent study even indicates that probiotics could be used to regulate emotions and mood via their effect on neurotransmitters.
  • In 2007, Duke University research reported that when harmful organisms attack the body, the appendix releases probiotic bacteria as a defense.
  • A 2004 study found that infants given probiotics were less colicky.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 people with autism also have probiotic imbalances, leaky gut, or IBS.
  • High fructose corn syrup, alcohol, wheat, GMOs, stress, antibiotics and lack of sleep all reduce beneficial bacteria.

The Benefits of FloraTrex™

  • Formulated to promote optimal balance of intestinal flora.
  • Stimulates nutrient absorption and B vitamin synthesis.
  • Helps with digestion, especially hard-to-digest foods.
  • Probiotics are the first line of defense for the immune system because they regulate intestinal immune cells.
  • Encourages bowel regularity.
  • Perfect support for general wellness and vitality.
  • The only complete, unique, multi-strain formula in the world that provides 18 strains and 50 billion live organisms in each serving.

Why is FloraTrex™ the Best Probiotic Available?

  • One bottle of FloraTrex™ contains 60 capsules — a one-month supply when used as directed.
  • Global Healing Center pioneered the process of combining multiple strains of probiotics with certified organic gum acacia.
  • Multiple, beneficial strains in one complete formula.
  • Vegan and vegetarian safe formula.
  • Contains NO dairy, soy, wheat, or gluten.
  • Easy-to-take, vegetable capsules.

The Top 3 Questions People Ask About FloraTrex™

1. What are prebiotics? Prebiotics are carbohydrate fibers called oligosaccharides that you don’t digest; they essentially act as food for probiotics. They remain in your digestive system to help boost the growth of beneficial bacteria. Sources of prebiotics include fruits, raw honey, and legumes.

2. What factors negatively affect intestinal flora? The gut is a delicate environment that’s susceptible to imbalance and can be significantly affected by what you put into your body. Antibiotics, prescription medications, alcohol, artificial colors and flavors, wheat, chlorinated water, GMOs, stress, travel, are just a few of the factors that can cause intestinal imbalance. Often times a poor gut environment is plagued with gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and irregular bowel movements.

3. What does CFU mean? Colony forming units are how probiotics are measured, generally measured in the millions or billions per serving. We test to assure that FloraTrex™ meets potency specifications at the time of manufacture.

Tips for a Healthy Gut

  • Eat prebiotic foods like fruits, raw honey, and legumes.
  • Stay well hydrated with purified water.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Meditate or practice breathing exercises to help minimize the effects of stress.
  • Follow a clean, organic diet. Avoid artificial ingredients, GMOs, refined sugars, and other no-nutrition foods.
  • Fermented foods are a great source of friendly probiotics and typically loaded with beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
  • Beware that antibiotics, processed foods, sugar, and other toxins negatively affect the delicate balance of gut bacteria.
  • Use an oxygen based colon cleanser like Oxy-Powder® to keep your intestinal tract clean.

Revitalize Your Digestive System Today With FloraTrex™!


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