This book is intended to help save you loads of time, effort, and frustration, by sharing with you the epiphanies – the awesome insights – from some of the world’s greatest visionaries, so that you can immediately start to live life to your fullest potential. It’s meant to give you a snapshot of the discoveries and messages from some of the brightest luminaries in Spirituality, Hidden History, Biology, Health, Wisdom, Nutrition, Ancient and Indigenous Cultures, Mysticism, Esoteric Phenomena, Physics, Quantum Physics, Entanglement, Life Mastery, Life Purpose, and Unity studies.

What if it was by changing ourselves, or more precisely, the perception of ourselves, that we changed the conditions of the world?

These amazing luminaries are not just envisioning a new world, they’re leading the charge to wake up to it. The emerging new world is not something we need to work hard to create; it already exists. All that is really required is for us to raise our awareness so that we can first notice it, and then bring it fully into our experience.

What makes these individuals stand out amongst the many brilliant minds of today is that they are multifaceted, holistic thinkers. They see the big picture and how the pieces relate and work together. They operate from the foundational understanding that when we recognize and wake up to our own true potential nature, we affect the entire planet. When our perspective changes, our reality and how we experience it changes.

I present these visionaries not in their order of importance, but hopefully in a flow of information that makes it easier to metabolize and integrate. All of these visionaries are making important contributions to our understanding of holistic health and well-being, which will then inevitably lead to a healthier and more fully conscious population. As fully conscious, healthy individuals we co-create a society that is also that. You can then see the cycle of positive influence and expansion of consciousness that this will create. Our future will then be one of exponential potential!











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