Shower Replacement Filter – by ProOne – Removes Fluoride

The Best Shower Filter to Remove Fluoride and Most Every Other Chemical.

Introducing the new ProMax high efficiency, encapsulated, multi-stage water filter technology from ProOne. A shower filter to remove fluoride and over 200 other chemicals. See lab results

Although it is rare to find a shower filter that actually filters Fluoride too (a very difficult chemical to remove), the Propur ProMax claims to do just that and more.

Unlike carbon block and ceramic composite filters, ProMaxTM filters do not require cleaning to help maintain flow rate and contaminant reduction.

Take a shower with the new high efficiency ProOne Chrome Shower Filter with 5 function massage swivel shower head and experience the difference.

Features new ProMax encapsulated multi-stage filter cartridge technology. Each stage is comprised of a unique proprietary formula of filtration media designed to target a specific group of contaminants. As a result, the Propur filter helps protect your skin from unhealthy effects of contaminants that may be in your water.

Furthermore, Independent lab test shows the Propur ProMax Shower Filter helps reduce over 200 contaminants including VOC’s, heavy metals, lead, pesticides, chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and odor.

In addition, this filter also helps control scale, algae and bacteria.

  • Filter life is 9 months to a year depending on use and water quality


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