The Official Neurophone NF3 is made in Germany for Patrick Flanagan.

With the Neurophone NF3, you can pass your over-analytical conscious mind and directly program the part of your brain that is responsible for over 90-95% of your behavior (your powerful sub-conscious mind). This device is designed to help with super-learning, or creating real change in your belief systems and thereby your perception and experience to a much more desirable one.

Watch this great interview on Gaiam TV with Patrick Flanagan and host Regina Meredith where he tells the whole story behind the amazing neurophone!


  • 1 Neurophone NF3
  • 1 Pair of Transducers
  • 1 Adapter Cable “Audio-In”
  • 2 Splitters

Each Flanagan Neurophone NF3 is designed to boost brain synchronization and well-being. You can experiment with improving your physical energy level, achieving better learning capacity, and quicker recall and access to the knowledge you already have.

The peanut size saccule gland, the equilibrium sensor of the inner ear, can forward ultrasound embedded sound signals into the brain. The saccule gland has a neuronal connection to the brain, both to the hearing centre as well as to the long-term memory and the subconscious. In 1991 the scientist Martin Lenhardt discovered the foundation of this transmission path for ultrasound, which dolphins also have. This was 33 years after Dr. Flanagan invented the neurophone.



  • Strengthening and balancing of physical energy levels.
  • Harmonization within yourself, providing considerable positive impact on the aura.
  • Harmonizing between persons in a closed circuit starting with touching the signal transducers and closing of the circuit by holding hands.
  • Speeding up the storing of knowledge and/or accessing it.
  • Perfecting coordinated movement.
  • General relaxation and release of stressful experiences.
  • Acquiring desired life attitudes, habits and behaviors in a much shorter time than without the neurophone.

The frequencies emitted by the original Flanagan Neurophones are universally supportive of your cells. They stimulate the neuronal net and improve the expansion and functionality of the cells.

Gain higher cognitive function and balanced harmony between brain wave levels. The output signal of the original Flanagan Neurophone always contains all frequency ranges from Delta, Theta, Alpha to Beta.

People experienced in meditation confirm that the neurophone enables them to reach the desired state of consciousness in a much shorter time.

Even people without meditation experience can achieve very positive results.


The Neurophone NF3 has even more benefits

Each original Flanagan Neurophone is a neuropathic ultrasound stimulation device. Its designed to help you learn faster and think better.

Through porting into the IN-socket of the NF3 you can add a sound signal to the ultrasound frequency that is being transmitted by the signal transducer of the NF3. This transmission was optimized by the universal scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan by blending it with body friendly frequencies. This transmission signal effectively reaches the subconscious and the long-term memory. For instance, this is how you can shorten the time span required for releasing habits which are anchored in the subconscious. In addition, it’s designed to help your brain absorb new information material to into the long-term memory.

The signal transducers of the neurophone transmit frequencies from the skin (e.g. on the forehead, in the neck or any other place) through the nerve tract/connective tissue directly to the saccule gland (previously thought to be only the organ of equilibrium) and from there to all parts of the brain.

When experimenting, learning or sleeping with the Neurophone, there are automatic energy balancing effects in the entire organism within all cells and energy centers.

Like a good friend, the neurophone can perceive your desires, thoughts, ideas, hardships, and help you find a solution, or to help achieve a goal. This may well be the most fascinating feature of this fantastic invention of Dr. Flanagan.

The results of seasoned users, energy sensitive people, doctors, therapists and personal coaches have shown impressive effects from using this original Flanagan Neurophone. These can be reportedly achieved by the basic signal and its individually variable noise, even with the sound volume and output voltage adjusted to a minimum.


Operation with a Second Transducer Set

With use of one of the supplied splitters into the OUT-socket, two transducer sets can be used in parallel operation (simultaneously).

The variations of using the neurophone with a second transducer set open up interesting possibilities for the users to experiment with.

The Neurophone NF3 balances the left and right brain hemispheres through using its “background noise”. This effect already is built into the neurophone. For example, when you are playing your own subliminal recording, or learning audio through the neurophone, the neurophone is constantly keeping your brain balanced.

You can also record your desired sound signals yourself, such as affirmations and incantations (Tony Robbins style).


How can you use the Neurophone NF3?

Using the Neurophone-NF3 is simple, just put the transducers on your forehead, turn on the neurophone, or your own music, or learning audio, and you’re on your way to re-sensitizing new neural pathways in your brain. Due to bypassing the ears, the body hears the sound making reading, meditating, studying and learning much easier.

Some of the documented benefits of the Neurophone include:

  • Increased long-term memory, retention, and recall
  • Stimulates new neurological pathways in your brain
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Better Focus
  • Restful Sleep
  • Concentration and Energy.
  • Releases Stress


Try It For Yourself!



We are sad to report that Dr. Pat Flanagan transitioned from his body on Dec 18, 2019. Having survived heavy mercury poisoning and later polio, he lived much longer than most expected. He had a stroke 2 years ago, and unfortunately his health slowly deteriorated. He was 75.

While his body may be gone, we know that his consciousness lives on. He has been a gift to the world while he was alive, and we want to ensure that his contributions to health and well being live on as well. We will continue to spread his knowledge and make his products available as long as we are able.

Thank you Pat, for all you have given us!


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