The breakthrough solution to reverse gray hair.

Stop painting your hair with chemicals, and restore your own hair color naturally with HairPrint.







Permanent hair dyes were invented in 1907 and have barely changed since then. They were created at a time when there was less awareness of the harmful effects of the toxins, endocrine disruptors, coal tar dyes, carcinogens, and other chemicals that cause continual damage to the hair and scalp.

Hairprint functions in a way that is the opposite of how hair dyes work. Rather than stripping hair of its color and inserting coal tar dyes, which all permanent hair-coloring products do, Dr. Warner’s process mimics how hair gets its true color in the first place. The color responsible for all brown and black hair is eumelanin, which is a variation of the melanin pigment that is responsible for the color of your skin and eyes. The reason Hairprint looks so natural on your hair is because it is natural.

Who We Are

We are here to serve you, not sell you. There is no hype, gimmicks, exaggeration, or doctored photographs. We will be completely open and truthful with you at all times. We know the hair business is riddled with wild claims. Our goal is to help you reverse gray hair, restore the health of your hair and your authentic beauty.

Hairprint is a small science-based company in Sausalito, California. We began working with Dr. John Warner four years ago to create a non-toxic method to restore gray hair to its natural color. Dr. Warner co-founded a scientific discipline called green chemistry, which takes its cues from nature and biology. Green chemistry employs benign non-toxic molecules to achieve better results than synthetic chemicals to reverse gray hair.


The Inventor Dr. John Warner, Father of Green Chemistry.

Our Mission

Since the dawn of history, women and men have used minerals and plant-based pigments to adorn their skin and hair. In the past 100 years this deeply human practice has become toxic. You could say that women and men have become crash dummies for the chemical industry.

reverse gray hair

We wanted to change that.

The environment has also become a crash dummy. Over 95% of hair dyes, three billions pounds a year, end up in aquatic environments, causing damage to marine life and polluting our rivers, bays, and the ocean. When we use toxic chemicals, they do not disappear. They go somewhere.

We wanted to change that too.

Hairprint is made of eight food grade ingredients you can pronounce. It is designed to be a better, kinder, and safer way to honor the health of women and men, and the living world around us.

Thank you from all of us on the Hairprint team:
Elizabeth L., Jasmine, Jonathan, Elizabeth K., Megan and Justin


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