APeX, NanOxyde immune system booster

Anti-Pathogen Extreme


Answer:  The recommendation is 2 ounces per day. 

Mornings: Drink 1/2 oz. (1TBSP) APeX concentrate and hold in mouth as long as you can; the longer the better, up to 30 minutes, and then swallow.  Repeat this at least 30 minutes after your last meal of the day.  

Daytime: Put 1 oz. (2TBSP) in 20 oz. to 1 liter of clean, filtered water.  Drink this throughout the day, in addition to your normal water intake.  Repeat daily.  Note:  1TBSP is  1/2 oz.

Answer:  We do not recommend drinking APeX Water with food.  If there is any bacteria left on fresh fruits or veggies, the APeX will work on that bacteria before going to the blood stream.  We recommend drinking APeX Water a minimum of 30 minutes away from food.

Answer:  No, APeX Water is a nano-sized particle of silver, surrounded by active oxygen molecules.  A Covalent Bond holds active oxygen molecules to the silver nucleus.  Colloidal Silver, on the other hand, has zero oxygen value.

Answer:  No, APeX Water is not colloidal silver, and does not cause Argyria.  We purposefully deliver APeX Water in a clear bottle.  Colloidal silver cannot be stored in a clear bottle.

Answer:  Yes. APeX Water concentrate (non-diluted) can help with burns, cuts, scraps, rashes, and wound recovery.  Simply spray the APeX Water concentrate directly on affected, allowing it to dry naturally.  Do this a minimum of 3x per day.

Answer: APeX Water can be used with a nebulizer, for direct delivery into the lungs.  Spraying in the nose and eyes can be helpful; as can dropping in the ear canal.  APeX Water may also be used with an enema bag.  Direct contact of the concentrated APeX Water to affected area is highly recommended.

Answer: Yes, of course! Animals’ cells need oxygen, too.  Many clients have used APeX Water with their domestic animals, as well as equine, both internally and direct on skin lesions.

Answer:  Less than one part per million.

Answer: Yes, however, APeX Water does not need to be refrigerated, but refrigeration will not harm it.  APeX Water should not be frozen, boiled, or mixed with any liquid other than filtered water.  Do not add lemon, sweeter, or any other mixer with APeX Water.

Answer:  19 years and counting.