We all want to feel young. You may be a person who eats well, exercises, takes supplements and has a generally healthy lifestyle. But we all know that is still not enough. We see healthiest people continue to age and deteriorate. Scientific research has discovered that a primary cause of aging is shortening of the telomeres – The protective end-caps of DNA at both ends of every chromosome.

Telomerase Activation with TA-65 works on targeted cells in your body and can improve not only cell longevity but quality of life. A double-blind, placebo controlled study of TA-65 showed improvements in: immune system vision male sexual performance skin appearance and more.

Why is TA-65 supplement so unique? As we age our telomeres shorten. Scientific studies have shown that short telomeres are associated with age related decline and dysfunction. Evidence clearly shows that people with long telomeres age healthier and live longer. The only way to lengthen telomeres is through the activation of an enzyme called telomerase. Currently the only way to activate telomerase is to take the TA-65 supplement.

Telomerase-Activating molecule of TA-65 is highly purified through a proprietary extraction process from the Chinese plant Astragalus Root.

TA-65 Supplement can only be distributed through healthcare providers licensed by TA Sciences. As a TA-65 Supplement licensed distributor, we receive all products directly from TA Sciences laboratories.

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