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c60 charcoal detoxifier by c60 purple power


C60 Anti-Aging Detoxifier by C60 Purple Power | Metals Detoxifier | Buckminsterfullerene

What Is C60 Purple Power?

YouTube sensation Clif High, who has a very loyal group of followers, highly recommended to start taking C60 Purple Power in this interview. He spent the majority of his time speaking only about this one particular product for overall health and longevity. You’ll see why sales skyrocketed and you may want to try it yourself!

Watch Clif High Explain Why C60 Purple Power is His Favorite

of the C60 Miracle Molecule Products



C60 Charcoal Detoxifier, or carbon 60 molecule, is a specific form of charcoal that research shows quite clearly prolongs life. One of the most important discoveries in longevity research, the C60 (Carbon 60) molecule has shown to nearly double the life span of mice. It’s ability to effectively trap harmful free radicals and heavy metals like mercury, as well as other dangerous toxins, allows our body to eliminate these before they cause damage. It’s a self-recycling anti-oxidant, boosting longevity of cells, therefore, the body is able to continue to repair itself much longer than average.

A famous study on any potential side effects of C60, instead revealed a surprising benefit in addition to being completely safe… Mice typically live only about a year, but those on C60 doubled their lifespan. One of the mice being studied lived over 6 years[!] when it was finally sacrificed to finish the study. PubMed.gov

C60 is a unique molecule of carbon with 60 atoms in the shape of a soccer ball, officially named the buckminsterfullerene after famous visionary Buckminster Fuller.


Watch International Health Explorer David Wolfe Tell Us What An Important Discovery C60 Is…


Englishman Keith Foster, an expert on charcoal and C60, explains why C60 is a much wiser choice than activated charcoal in his video.

Activated charcoal may be too harsh to use daily. It’s great for cleanses or occasional use according to Foster, but C60 is a better choice for many reasons. Activated charcoal is made from charred coconut husks. C60 charcoal is made from hardwood, as a result, the molecules are the special geodesic form of the buckminterfullerene.

Other Benefits:

  • Wrinkles and age spots improve significantly when used on the skin. Skin feels softer and more supple, leading to a more youthful appearance. Wounds and lessons appear to close significantly faster, and with less discomfort. Charcoal is great for insect bites as well.
  • Significantly increases performance and endurance. Reduces recovery times.
  • C60 Purple Power makes “Brain Fog”, so common in today’s contaminated environment, disappear. 
  • Energy levels remain elevated and balanced throughout the day.  
  • Greatly increases mental clarity, emotional balance and vigor.
  • People feel more internally connected.
  • Physical strength and potency return to more youthful levels. 
  • Improves attitude and motivation.

How does C60 Purple Power Work?

Essentially burnt hardwood charcoal, therefore, C60 charcoal has with many cracks, nooks, and crevasses for toxins to attach to. It has an incredibly large surface area, so large, that if you were to take a 1cm square piece and unfold it, it would cover the surface of a tennis court. Toxins bind to the surface of the C60 charcoal, as a result, they are safely eliminated from your body.

C60 Charcoal was shown to eliminate potential negative effects of environmental toxins and radiation.

Each C60 molecule absorbed through the skin or internally neutralizes vast numbers of oxygen radicals every second, without the C60 molecule being changed or losing potency. C60 could be classified as a ultra antioxidant. When the cells of the body are relieved of existing free-radical oxidative stress, they can function at natural peak efficiently, increasing performance, allowing the body to heal itself.

Telomere length is directly related to lifespan. Telomeres are the end caps of the chromosomes, and function to keep them stable. Oxidative stress has been found through scientific research to be a significant cause of telomere shortening, the main cause of aging.

C60 Charcoal reduces oxidative stress and this effect may be responsible for the significant increase of lifespans found in the scientific studies.

C60 is completely safe and does not exhibit toxicity at even absurdly high doses. 4  


c60 charcoal detoxifier by c60 purple power

Why C60 Purple Power?

This C60 is made with high purity C60 and organic plant oils, using the highest quality standards.

C60 Purple Power’s customers are alternative health care professionals, people with significant health issues, and serious athletes. Finally, those in touch with their health and bodies, are the ones most likely to recognize and appreciate the benefits of C60 Purple Power. We have the best value in price and quality on the market.

Made in America. 

Live a longer and healthier life with C60 Purple Power!


  1. The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60]fullerene.
  2. Fullerene nano particles and their anti-oxidative effects: A comparison to other radio protective agents

  3. Sub-acute oral toxicity study with fullerene C60 in rats


c60 charcoal detoxifier by c60 purple power





Is there any danger?

Based on the famous rat studies from several years ago, and the experience of the many people who’ve been ingesting it since that time, there is no danger at all. There have been no proven negative side effects. It is simply a carbon molecule with 60 atoms, and is not metabolized after all. That said, C60 has not been officially tested for human consumption (only animals), so you are your own health authority. The dubiously run FDA will probably never test it. If you choose to experiment with C60, you do so by your own choice.


How does C60 Increase Lifespan (even shrink tumors in rats)?

It is believed that one of the ways is through it’s superior anti-oxidant effect. Unlike most antioxidants, it keeps recycling itself while it stays in the body for several weeks. This means it can effectively neutralize harmful free-radicals indefinitely, similar to the negative ionized hydrogen in Patrick Flanagan’s product Megahydrate. The current understanding is that it also temporarily becomes part of the fat layer surrounding cells and also the mitochondria. There they act as a reservoir for electrons (energy), which they are able to both store and donate whenever needed to neutralize “free-radicals” (missing electrons) that cause DNA and cellular degeneration (ageing). Some say it also helps increase electromagnetic field generation.



Scalar Infusion: Only with C60 Live Product

The manufacturer claims that this scalar infusion adds several benefits, including amplified communication between RNA and DNA. This helps ensure that cells replicate correctly.

The scalar process involves square wave transmission, at a very specific frequency, with a technique of programming via that transmission into the c60.

Scalar physics is a pretty fascinating subject actually. Nikola Tesla, Willhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Tom Bearden (living), Dr. Konstantin Kortokov (living), and many other genius level minds, worked extensively in that area. I think Ken Rohla is one of the better at explaining it in more depth for the average person.


Dosage of C60:

I get the dosage question a lot, and in truth there’s a reason it is vague. Some recommend the starting dose for an adult human at one full dropper of C60 (1.5 mg)/day, which is a third to half of a teaspoon.


It is unknown what the optimal dose is, that depends on the individual and their situation. It is shown to be perfectly safe however, so exact dosing is not important as far as safety. It’s really up to the individual to solve the question of what is the effective dose for them, and how long they can stretch a bottle out, because it does vary depending on things like body size, absorption rate, current health issues, diet, lifestyle, psychological factors, etc.

One manufacturer (C60live) also gives it to his 12 year old dog (began when she was 9) who started going into heat again, and according to his vet, appears to be 3-5 years old. He also doesn’t measure for himself, as he takes it straight from the bottle. He is very particular about quality however, and extensively tests his materials and final product to ensure it is the best it can be. After all he and his wife take it, as well as his mother, and his beloved dog.


Some choose to cycle off of it for a few months after one bottle before resuming again, most of us take it every day.


When Should I take it? With food? With other medications and supplements?

Some experts say that it is best to take it with a little food with some fat content, to have the bile aid in the emulsification of the compound. There are no other considerations of full/empty stomach, drinking before/afterwards, no restrictions on other food or medications etc.

There are absolutely no interactions with any other substances, so C60 can be taken in combination with with medicines and any other supplement or food.


Are the potential benefits equally achievable by applying the C60 oil topically?

From our research, it is beneficial topically for specific issues in that region, but ingesting is best for systemic (full-body) benefits. The rat studies were using both ingestion and injection.


How long does it take?

It’s said that you will notice the difference in animals immediately. For people, it depends on all those factors listed above. I plan on taking it indefinitely.


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