Biosuperfood – Powerful MicroAlgae

The BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) formulas are whole food products composed of nutrient dense microalgae to be used as a dietary supplement. Designed to eliminate the need for individual supplements, giving you much better nutritional support in one supplement. Each formula delivers a different nutritional value. The products are presented in vegetable capsules that are easy to swallow and practical to use.


  • Designed to increase strength and stamina
  • Designed to increase mental focus and clarity
  • Designed to support the body in the balance of its natural steroids and hormones
  • Designed to support better mood and a sense of well-being
  • Designed to support athletic performance

What is the difference between F1, F2 and F3?
From F1 to F3 there is a greater amount of red algae, which contains more carotenoids (red pigments that give the algae its red color) than the green algae. According to the cancer society, carotenoids are critical for the support of our immune system. They are also known to more efficiently reach our brain where they increase cellular energy and performance.

Are they safe for children?
Everyone can take Biosuperfood. While all Biosuperfood formulas are safe for the young and even for infants as soon as they are ready to digest formed food, F1 & F2 are the recommended formulas for the young. It is also safe to use with people that have frail health. Do consult with a health professional if you have any health concerns.

Can I take more than one formula at a time?
Yes, you can, but there are no specific reasons to do so. We recommend that you select the formula that you think fits you best and try it for a while before experimenting with another formula. This way you will learn the difference for you.


biosuperfoodF1BIOSUPERFOOD F1 BASE – $50 for 180 veggie capsules

Basic Support
BSF formula F1 is our gentle base formula that we recommend for general nutritional support in the maintenance of good health, allowing replacement of some supplements and vitamins.

  • Great source of essential nutrients and designed to support natural detoxification.
  • Helps support natural strengthening of organs.
  • Biosuperfood is natural and safe for both young and old.
  • More bioavailable antioxidants, which are known to increase immunity.
  • Supports enhanced overall well-being.
  • Simple, quick, and easy nutritional support.


biosuperfoodF2BIOSUPERFOOD F2 CORE –  $25 for 60 veggie capsules, or $65 for 180

General Support
BSF formula F2 Core is suggested for general nutritional support of the immune system and as a replacement for some supplements and vitamins.

Recommended for increased vitality, strength and endurance for general activity, and in support of sports and fitness practices.

  • All benefits from Formula F1 plus:
  • May help with healthier teeth, skin, nails and hair
  • Natural, safe and simple supplementation
  • Muscle mass gains may remain longer
  • May support increases in endurance and stamina
  • Nutrients help with faster recovery from exertion
  • Support our natural mental focus and concentration
  • Natural energy boost
  • Antioxidants help with increased free radical protection


biosuperfoodF3BIOSUPERFOOD F3 FORTE -$45 for 60 veggie capsules, or $125 for 180 caps

Advanced Support

BSF formula F3 offers advanced nutritional support for the immune system and increased vitality for healthy aging. Recommended as a replacement for some supplements and vitamins and as advanced nutritional support for athletes.

  • All the benefits from Formulas F1 and F2 plus:
  • More antioxidants may offer advanced protection and prevention
  • Antioxidant may play a role in reduced inflammation and faster recovery time
  • Support to a more natural long-lasting energy boost
  • May have benefits for increased recuperation and regeneration
  • A powerful immune system support


*The Biosuperfood formulas are certified by Health Canada and have obtained a NPN (Natural Product Number). They are free of pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants.

Try some for yourself to see what Biosuperfood can do for you!


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