All of our maca products are grown organically on small family farms in pristine conditions at over 13,000 foot elevation, on the slopes of the Peruvian Andes. Our maca fields are bordering a National Forest and are only fed by fresh spring water. These are the fields in the picture to the right. All of those green patches on the ground are the wild green tops of the maca plants. One of the pictures in this listing is a close up of the wild maca from the picture above. If you look at the greens, you can see the vibrancy of them. They’re completely wild. They just look like greens that grow in cold weather, which indeed was the case when we were standing there. Look at how small the maca is and you can imagine how nutrient dense it is. We are always offered a lower rate on superfoods if we are willing to take a lower grade of product. We always choose the top AAA+ grade no matter what the cost is. We are a family-run business and we don’t have partners or investors to appease financially. Therefore, we are able to pay more for superfoods and still be competitive with the pricing for the inferior products on the market. I’m the kind of guy who always wants the best nutrition, foods and products that I can get my hands on and it drives me crazy that poor quality products are being passed off as ‘excellent quality’ in the name of profit margins. It is my mission in life to bring you the top quality superfoods on the planet at the best prices!
‘The Raw Food World’ USDA Certified Organic
Grown in National Reserve at 13,000 feet Altitude
Fed by untouched pure water from Mountains – Pic shows the wild maca
Unlike Others, We always pay more for the highest grade Guaranteed! (As seen in description below, and see our video on Youtube!)
Premium maca with a premium flavor

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